Garage Update – Mar 2022

E83 X3 20d M-sport

The X3 continues to be unavailable. It went in to the independent BMW specialist at the start of January for them to confirm the location of the oil leak, which they confirmed as being from the timing chain cover and so the car was left with them to fix this leak and to replace the timing chain at the same time. It is still with them and when I phone I get the message that they have not yet had a chance to start on it. When I last called I was told that the gearbox is now out so at least there seems to be some progress.

E70 X5 40d M-sport

Nothing much to report on the X5 apart from a failing xenon bulb. When the sipped headlights come on, the passenger bulb starts to flash and then goes out. The car then reports an issue with the passenger dipped headlight.

I have replaced the bulb with a Halfords Xenon direct replacement which seems to have done the trick. Don’t forget, if you are a BMW Car Club GB member you get 10% discount at Halfords stores.

The X5 was brought in for towing duties last month to move a family members caravan to a new seasonal pitch in the Peak District. As usual, the X5 pulled the 21ft single axle caravan with no issues. Even managed to reverse the caravan on to its new hard standing. I need to practice reversing with a caravan.

E36/7 Z3 1.9 roadster

The Z3 has been pushed in to daily service for the last few weeks and has been running with no real issues. We had a grating sound which turned out to be the plate on the rear drive shaft that stops brake dust. The local garage was able to diagnose this and resolve it, without replacing the backing plate. We now have another grating sound coming from the back and I am waiting on some free time one weekend with good weather to allow me to get it up on axle stands to take a look.

The Z3 had a few days running around North Wales and Anglesey which was great fun with the top down. We even got to visit the Anglesey Race Track where there was a track day going on. This is a great track with some magnificent views.

Garage Update – Jan 2022

December turned out to be a very quiet month on the car front so nothing much to write about

BMW Z3 1.9

The Z3 really hasen’t moved since the radiator has been replaced. We ended up having in total four different radiators since they kept leaking. Hopefully this issue is now resolved and we just need to get out and drive.

BMW E70 X5 4od

Nothing to report on this front. This has been our daily driver and is working great.

BMW E83 X3 20d

This car has not been driven over the holidays due to the oil leak, which has been reported by our local garage as being from the timing chain cover.

We took the car in to the local garage to have the rear discs and pads replaced as Sytners said that they were below minimum but the local garage has said that there is plenty of wear in them yet so they didn;t need changing. However, they did notice that an incorrect ABS sensor was in place at the rear so this has been changed. They have replaced some missing bolts that should have been helping to holt a strut in place and they have looked at an issue with the propshaft catching on something.

The car is currently with Newhall Independent BMW Specialist in Sheffield for them to diagnose the oil leak. Once we know for certain what we are dealing with then we need to get it booked in to have it fixed.

A funny one that came up when driving this car the other day was that the wing mirrors started to fold in and out on their own. We thought this may be low battery related due to the car not moving for a few weeks so we charged the battery but this had no effect. We then noticed that the windows were not working from this switches on the drivers door, in fact none of the buttons is working from the drivers doow. A replacement switch pack has been ordered and hopefully this will resolve this issue.

Garage Update – Nov 2021

I thought I would start to give a monthly update on where we are with each of the cars and any trips and car meets that we have been to.

This last month has been a bit of a whirlwind with lots going on, so let’s dive in

BMW Z3 1.9

The month started out not so good for this little car. The water pump decided to self destruct. I started up the car and pulled away. It started to make quite a bit of a racket and I couldn’t work out where it was coming from. I got to a T-junction and pulled out and the sound stopped. Great I thought, fixed itself. These are the issues I like 🙂 Then I had to turn a corner and found that there was no power steering. Strange I thought, but everything looks OK. I carried on driving for a short period and then came in to traffic. It was at this point that I saw the temperature guage start to rise. I pulled over and stopped in a safe place as soon as I could and popped the hood to be met with quite a bit of steam. Everything looked OK but a quick look underneath the car showed the auxilliary belt hanging down. So it isn’t a broken belt then. The car was recovered back to my local garage who diagnosed the water pump issue and replaced it, the pulley and the belt.

Shortly after getting the car back I took it out for a test run and everything was OK until I got it homw and found a pool of water gathering under the front of the car. Straight back to the garage. This time they replaced the radiator and all is well once again, just in time for me to take the car to Scotland for a bit of a pootle with a friend and his Z3 2.8 around the highlands and islands.

I sent off for Scotland early morning and was really enjoying having a long trip in the Z3. That is until I got just south of Newcastle and my hand started to get cold as the heater stopped working. I could not get any hot air to come out. In my head I was working out how the heating works and I realised that either this was an issue with the heat exchange or I had once again lost all the coolant. The temperature guage was showing normal so I carried on driving up the A1 with a plan to stop at the next services and investigate. Unfortunately, this plan did not come to fruition as the temperature started to rise shortly after. Another call to the breakdown recovery company and another trip on the back of a low loader.

As I write, the car is still at the local garage. At first they said they were unable to reproduce the issue but I spent some time with them and after about 10 minutes playing it started to release water again. Looks like the new radiator is being replaced.

BMW E70 X5 40d

So with the Scotland trip still needing to be fulfilled I transferred my tent and clothes from the Z3 to the X5 and started off again on the long haul up to Scotland to meet up with my friend and his Z3. I must admit, the X5 makes light work of so much motorway driving and is so comfortable.

The trip around Scotland for 3 days was a joy and we covered around 1000 miles in total. Wild camping next to the X5 was fun too, although it is a bit cold and rainy in November. The tent I had kept me warm and made great work of keeping me dry.

Shortly after getting back from Scotland I was driving and there started to be a whining noise come from the front passenger wheel when I turned left. This continued for a short while but started to get more frequent and continued to make the sound even when driving straight or turning left. I drove the car directly to the local garage where we quickly identified a binding brake. The heat was noticable coming from the wheel.

The garage took the caliper off and identified that moisture had got past the seal at the back of the pistons and rust was starting to form which caused the piston to not be able to go back in. They stripped the caliper and cleaned it all up and refreshed the seal and this is now working great again.

BMW E83 X3 20d

The X3 has been working great since we got it and it is a joy to drive. Just recently though we have noticed that it is a little rough on a cold start of a morning. I have scanned the car with Carly to see if there were any codes, but there was nothing that related to this issue but I did see that we have a couple of codes relating to the transfer case.

We are not sure when the spark plugs were last changed so this will be one of the first things to try.

With regards to the codes relating to the transfer case, I did some investigation on these and it looks like it is the known issue of the plastic cog needing replacing in the actuator. I now have one on order from eBay. I thought this might be on the blink as the gear changes can sometimes be a bit snappy and reversing up hill feels like there is something that it not catching. Hopefully replacing the cog will resolve these issues. I may also look to have the box serviced as we have now covered 113k miles.

Another thing that we have noticed intermittently is that there is a loss of power. You can put your foot on the accelerator but nothing really happens. You move away but there is no urgency and you can’t get it to drop down a gear and take off. This could be due to the cog needing replacement so I am going to look at this issue more once we have the rough idle sorted and the cog replaced.


So this month was the first time I have made it to a car club monthly meet at The Elm Tree in Heath. The car club holds the monthly pub meet on the second Tuesday of the month. The pub has changed its menu since the last time we visited, before Covid times, and we certainly were not disappointed with the food. There was a good turn out and we all had a great time. Looking forward to the December meet. We also have the Eastern region Christmas lunch coming up closer to Christmas.

This month I had arranged a club visit to The Wheel Specialist in Sheffield followed by a scenic drive to The Carding Shed in Holmfirth. The guys at The Wheel Specialist made us feel very welcome and we all enjoyed being taken around and told how they go about refreshing and paing the wheels.

The Carding Shed put aside a room for us to be all together and we all enjoyed some great food and much cake was ordered for takeway. I know this is somewhere we will certainly be visiting again. They have a lovely little museum attached which is worth a look around.