Garage Update – Mar 2022

E83 X3 20d M-sport

The X3 continues to be unavailable. It went in to the independent BMW specialist at the start of January for them to confirm the location of the oil leak, which they confirmed as being from the timing chain cover and so the car was left with them to fix this leak and to replace the timing chain at the same time. It is still with them and when I phone I get the message that they have not yet had a chance to start on it. When I last called I was told that the gearbox is now out so at least there seems to be some progress.

E70 X5 40d M-sport

Nothing much to report on the X5 apart from a failing xenon bulb. When the sipped headlights come on, the passenger bulb starts to flash and then goes out. The car then reports an issue with the passenger dipped headlight.

I have replaced the bulb with a Halfords Xenon direct replacement which seems to have done the trick. Don’t forget, if you are a BMW Car Club GB member you get 10% discount at Halfords stores.

The X5 was brought in for towing duties last month to move a family members caravan to a new seasonal pitch in the Peak District. As usual, the X5 pulled the 21ft single axle caravan with no issues. Even managed to reverse the caravan on to its new hard standing. I need to practice reversing with a caravan.

E36/7 Z3 1.9 roadster

The Z3 has been pushed in to daily service for the last few weeks and has been running with no real issues. We had a grating sound which turned out to be the plate on the rear drive shaft that stops brake dust. The local garage was able to diagnose this and resolve it, without replacing the backing plate. We now have another grating sound coming from the back and I am waiting on some free time one weekend with good weather to allow me to get it up on axle stands to take a look.

The Z3 had a few days running around North Wales and Anglesey which was great fun with the top down. We even got to visit the Anglesey Race Track where there was a track day going on. This is a great track with some magnificent views.

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