Garage Update – Jan 2022

December turned out to be a very quiet month on the car front so nothing much to write about

BMW Z3 1.9

The Z3 really hasen’t moved since the radiator has been replaced. We ended up having in total four different radiators since they kept leaking. Hopefully this issue is now resolved and we just need to get out and drive.

BMW E70 X5 4od

Nothing to report on this front. This has been our daily driver and is working great.

BMW E83 X3 20d

This car has not been driven over the holidays due to the oil leak, which has been reported by our local garage as being from the timing chain cover.

We took the car in to the local garage to have the rear discs and pads replaced as Sytners said that they were below minimum but the local garage has said that there is plenty of wear in them yet so they didn;t need changing. However, they did notice that an incorrect ABS sensor was in place at the rear so this has been changed. They have replaced some missing bolts that should have been helping to holt a strut in place and they have looked at an issue with the propshaft catching on something.

The car is currently with Newhall Independent BMW Specialist in Sheffield for them to diagnose the oil leak. Once we know for certain what we are dealing with then we need to get it booked in to have it fixed.

A funny one that came up when driving this car the other day was that the wing mirrors started to fold in and out on their own. We thought this may be low battery related due to the car not moving for a few weeks so we charged the battery but this had no effect. We then noticed that the windows were not working from this switches on the drivers door, in fact none of the buttons is working from the drivers doow. A replacement switch pack has been ordered and hopefully this will resolve this issue.

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