Did you know…

The following is a list of things that I have found out about the E39, some of which are useful, some are fun and some you just wonder why?

Using the Key / Remote

  • When you lock the car with the remote, keep on holding down the lock button. When you do this the windows and sunroof will close. This is known as comfort close.
  • When you unlock the car with the remote, keep on holding down the unlock button. This will cause the windows and sunroof to open. This is useful if it is a hot day and you want to open the car to let some air in. This is known as comfort open.
  • If you press the lock button whilst the car is locked it will turn on the interior lights. This is to help you find your car in a car park.


  • When you switch off the engine, pull the light lever to show the full beam. Close and lock the car. The full beam will stay on for an amount of time. This is the guide home feature and allows you to light your way to your house. The amount of time that the lights will stay on can be programmed on the car using a laptop and some software.
  • Whilst the car is locked, press the Lock button on your key fob. This will activate the interior lights in the car. This can make it easier to see the car in a car park at night.