Hardware Hacking


Twitter is a great place to find out about great little projects. I was fortunate a few days ago to notice a post about the Blink Stick. The Blink Stick is a little hardware project that allows you to control an LED from the USB port of a PC or Raspberry Pi. The Blink Stick […]

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I have been using Arduino for a number of years now, since seeing a presentation at my first GeekUp Sheffield. Since starting with Arduino I have helped in starting up and running the Arduino users group in Sheffield (ShackNet) and have made quit a few projects. I have been looking to purchase a Netduino for […]

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Shacknet Project Day

Had a great day to day at Access Space in Sheffield with some of the people from SHACKNET. We had the first of our Project Days. Our first project was to build a Laser Cutter using equipment and any bits that could be found around Access Space. Access Space had managed to get hold of […]

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What is SHACKNET? SHACKNET is an abbreviation for SHeffield Arduino haCKers NETwork. The website can be found at http://shacknetwork.co.uk SHACKNET is a group of individuals who have found that playing with Arduino is fun. Most of us have no, or very little electronics knowledge so the Arduino is fantastic for being able to get us in […]

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Updated Arduino Goings On

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything so I thought I’d post an update on what’s been happening. Last weekend saw the first Unsheffield Unconfernce (based loosely around the Barcamp framework). This was held at The Showroom here in Sheffield from the 19th to 21st June and was a huge success. I can’t […]

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