Don’t fix what ain’t broke

Like everyone else, I had a bit of time off work over the holiday period. One of the “jobs” I had set for myself was to fix our bathroom door. For a couple of years now, during the winter months, the wooden door will swell and refuse to close properly so that you can’t actually […]

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Windows Server 2012 Stop Server Manager starting at logon

When you log in to Windows Server 2012 the Server Manager program starts automatically. To stop this happening, in the top right of the Server Manager, from the Manage menu, select Manager Properties and select the options to disable server manager at log on.

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Disable Grouping in File Explorer

One day it happened. I don’t know when and don’t know how, but one day, File Explorer started to show me my files with groups. Now you may like this format and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread but for me this was disaster. What has caused this? Why are my files now […]

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Book Review: Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

CODE By Charles Petzold Publisher: Microsoft Press Ebook: November 2009 ISBN 13:9780735611313 Pages: 400 This is a fascinating book. This is not your normal how do computers work type of book. It gets down and dirty with the fundamentals of gates and flip flops and all that good stuff, even getting in to some assembler […]

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Enable PING on Windows Server 2008 R2

By default, ping is disabled on Windows Server 2008 R2 installations in the firewall. To enable ping, modify your network Inbound rules to Enable the following rule. File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request – ICMPv4-In). This is a standard rule on the system but is not enabled by default. Enable the rule and ping will […]

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