Barcamp Liverpool 2011-11-19

Well, what can I say, the day didn’t get off to the best start when  our train to Liverpool was cancelled. This resulted in a half hour wait and a full train to Manchester with a quick jog between platforms at Piccadilly station. Barcamp Liverpool was taking place at DoEs Liverpool. The event has been […]

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A Barcamp Session Wall Application

I have thought for a long time that an on-line session wall application for Barcamps would be a great idea. I know other people have also thought this but up to now I don’t know of one actually being used. Here are my ideas on what I think would be needed to make this a […]

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Barcamp Blackpool 3 – October 15th, 2011

Once again it was time to hit the coast and Barcamp Blackpool. Barcamp Blackpool is one of my favorite Barcamps and number 3 did not disappoint. The day started off early picking up @martinwass and @richardathome for the drive from Sheffield. This proved to be a good run with hardly any traffic and we arrived […]

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Microsoft Certification

I used to be a Microsoft Certified Professional many years ago when the certifications were first introduced. I was certified in Windows 3.1. Yes, that’s how long ago it was. I have been thinking about becoming certified again for quite a while and have been playing with Microsoft MVC3. This prompted me to finally take […]

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Barcamp Sheffield 16-17 April 2011

Wow!! What can I say. Barcamp Sheffield has been Fantastic!!! Barcamp Sheffield was held for the first time at The Workstation in Sheffield along with space at the GistLab. Previous Barcamps and UnSheffield have been held at The Showroom. The Workstation is a 5 minute walk from the train station and so makes a very […]

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