Charging your mobile device

One of the things that we all seem to do more and more is charge our mobile devices. I remember way back when, my trusty Nokia phone only needed charging once every week, if that. These days with mobile phones constantly connected, looking for a signal for phone, 3g or WiFi, it zaps the battery really fast. Tablets also need charging more and more often with the kids always on-line. I do wonder some times how much more resource we are using when we are all charging more and more devices, how much does this cost, not only from your pocket, your work places pocket and the environment.

One way to try and reduce some of the cost of charging your mobile devices is to charge it whilst it is switched off. You will find that the battery charges so much quicker. Unfortunately not all devices will charge whilst switched off. My current Nokia Lumia 520 for instance. As soon as you plug the charger in, it powers itself up. For these devices you can put them in to flight mode and charge. This way the phone is not constantly using the battery that you are attempting to charge. This is a great tip with those people using something like a Power Monkey battery to charge the phone. Get more charges by using flight mode or switching off the phone.

Since most of the time I am at work and on-line with my laptop I don’t need constant 3g or WiFi on my phone so I tend to switch it off. It is quite amazing to see how much longer the battery lasts.

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