Book Review: Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

By Charles Petzold
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Ebook: November 2009
ISBN 13:9780735611313
Pages: 400

This is a fascinating book. This is not your normal how do computers work type of book. It gets down and dirty with the fundamentals of gates and flip flops and all that good stuff, even getting in to some assembler coding. This is a really gripping book that I found easy to read and just couldn’t put down.

The way that this is written, it explains even to the noddy likes of myself how the electronics inside the heart of the processor works and I even found myself learning little tricks of math that I didn’t know before, like how computers perform subtraction. Fascinating stuff.

The books was written back 1999 and so some elements of what is talked about is out of date, such as discussing the current maximum sizes of hard disk drives, but this does not detract from the detail.

I would highly recommend the book to all your technologists out there as a great and quick read.

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