Book Review: Cooking for Geeks

I’m a Geek and I do like cooking, even though my wife doesn’t like me going anywhere near the kitchen. When I saw the book Cooking for Geeks, I have to admit to wondering what this could include. Surely this must be a book of Pizza recipes and how to make the best coffee? Indeed there is some talk of how to make the best Pizza but this book is a lot more. The book is by Jeff Potter who is a self-confessed foody and Geek.

The book has chapters on sorting out your kitchen to make the best use of the available space, flavours and ingredients, baking, explanations about what happens to food during the process of cooking along with different methods of cooking, with many useful and entertaining facts along the way. Recipes are dotted throughout the book. My kids were especially in favour of the recipe for the best hot chocolate ever and loved helping out making it. Also throughout the book are interviews with members of the Geek community who are also foodies which are very interesting.

All in all, I would heartily recommend this book to all your Geek (and non-Geeks) out there. This is well worth a read.

You can follow Jeff on Twitter at @cookingforgeeks, or check out the website


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