Learning Ruby

So this last week I have been reading “Learn to Program” by Chrise Pine. I wanted to learn to program in Ruby and this book has been great so far. Very easy to read and very amusingly written. After being a developer for more than 20 years, the basics in this book I already know (or hope I do) but it has been invaluable in getting the basics of Ruby.

I have installed on my Vista Home laptop Ruby 1.9.2 and also an IDE called Geany. Geany is a great little IDE and I’m enjoying using it.

My first few programs in Ruby have been the simplist of program, such as prompting for you name to be entered and displaying it back to the user. I have also created a new class in a separate file and used require to pull it in to the main module. All very simple stuff as you can confirm. What I want to be able to do is to have a browser front end to call some Ruby script and to update a database such as MySQL.

This is all really fun learning new stuff like this and there will be more learning with creating the browser front end.

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