Windows 10 Developer Mode

With Windows 10, applications are installed from the Windows Store. If you are a developer then before you can install your newly developed apps you will need to enable developer mode. This is a mode that allows you to develop and install apps on your Windows 10 device. To enable Developer Mode on your Windows […]

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Charging your mobile device

One of the things that we all seem to do more and more is charge our mobile devices. I remember way back when, my trusty Nokia phone only needed charging once every week, if that. These days with mobile phones constantly connected, looking for a signal for phone, 3g or WiFi, it zaps the battery […]

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Don’t fix what ain’t broke

Like everyone else, I had a bit of time off work over the holiday period. One of the “jobs” I had set for myself was to fix our bathroom door. For a couple of years now, during the winter months, the wooden door will swell and refuse to close properly so that you can’t actually […]

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Book Review: Driving Technical Change

Driving Technical Change by Terrence Ryan My rating: 4 of 5 stars This book takes a look at the different types of people that you can encounter when attempting to bring in to your organisation a new tool or methods and the different strategies for bringing them on-side. I can definitely see all those types […]

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Windows Server 2012 Stop Server Manager starting at logon

When you log in to Windows Server 2012 the Server Manager program starts automatically. To stop this happening, in the top right of the Server Manager, from the Manage menu, select Manager Properties and select the options to disable server manager at log on.

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